The history of my car repair shop dates back to the year 1966 when my father returned to Italy after having emigrated to Switzerland. The experience acquired after years of work in Switzerland, from a logical and precision point of view, became decisive when nothing could stop him from opening a car repair shop. I inherited, from my father, the same passion and precision and, above all, the same courage. Without these qualities everything remains static, while today the evolution of one's job into something always new and stimulating is important, both for who carries it out and also for the client who wants to be gratified with something different and original.

In 1980, seeing the experience acquired in 15 years, an area was assigned for the restoration of vintage cars, besides the typical car repairs. During the same period there was a demand for AIRBRUSHING on cars, motorbikes, helmets, etc: a trend that I followed personally.

In 1992 the company changed premises and expanded, putting a showcase to display all the novelties that my business produced. Thanks to this showcase and word-of-mouth advertising, very important for us craftsmen, many architects and prestigious companies, brands like Zava, Bosa, Permastellisa Interiors, De Castelli , placed orders to improve the appearance of their products to expose at trade fairs.

The companies' increasingly special requests made me test newer products, vaguely similar to the Chrome Spray, not the same because it's also versatile for base-colour dyes giving very luminous results (gold - blue - green - orange, etc.)


    My research into Chrome Spray, in 2006, brought me to contact numerous Italian companies, but the qualitative leap came with “Spectra Chorme”, a leading company in America. I took two courses, one in Florida in the company’s main branch (Spectra Chrome) and the second in California (Creations n’ Chrome). The experience acquired during these years has given me the self-confidence to carry out very elaborate pieces of work, both in size and materials

    My ambition has always been to be the only car repair shop to follow or anticipate trends, because a true craftsman must always be able to distinguish himself from large scale businesses. This is my goal and only when I reach it I will consider myself satisfied.